Affiliate Business Tips – Presell Like a Pro

One of the best strategies for increasing your affiliate sales is preselling. I know, you were told that as an affiliate you would not have to do any selling, and that is true. However, you would be amazed at the number of excellent products online that are sitting on terrible sales pages! Some are boring, some are confusing, and some are so overly hyped that people think they are being conned and leave without buying the product you worked so hard to promote. The function of preselling is to prepare your reader to buy something before you send them to the sales page. If done properly, the process is completely sub-conscious.So, what’s in it for you? Just what is the advantage of preselling? Here are a few of the benefits:* It builds trust – By providing valuable information to your readers, you establish yourself as an expert. People trust experts. Once you have your readers’ trust, they will click your links more readily, and are more likely to overlook the inadequacy of a weak sales page, resulting in more sales for you. * It relaxes your readers and prepares them to buy – When you are providing value and not hyping or pitching a product, your readers begin losing their resistance to being sold something and start reading for understanding. In this relaxed mode they are more open to your ideas and also become more receptive to other messages, like the product info on the sales page to which you have linked. Sending them to the sales page in this state makes them more receptive to the actual pitch.* You make more money – In a relaxed state due to their trust in you, they arrive at the product website prepped to buy. This will dramatically boost your sales rate! * Your customers are happier – As I mentioned before, people do not trust hype, and they hate being pressured to buy. They want to make their own buying decisions, and this makes them feel better about the product they purchased.* Your profits go up – Satisfied customers are less likely to ask for refunds. Fewer refunds means more affiliate money stays in your pocket.Clearly preselling works. You increase both your customers satisfaction and your profits. It is definitely a win-win situation, but how do you do it? There are two aspects of the presell: the presentation and the technical aspect.The PresentationAs mentioned above, you want to get your readers to trust you and open up. This can only be accomplished by providing actual value in the information you’re presenting. Here you have two options. You can provide enough information to be of value, but leave out enough to make them want to click through to the sales page. The alternative is to give them much more complete information while, at the same time, indicating the difficulty of applying said info. Of course, the solution is merely one click away.The Technical AspectYou have to link to the product you’re selling. Now, some people will not click on an affiliate link. I don’t know why, but I do know that they will type the URL for the product site directly into their browser. I recommend that you be discreet when linking. You can use a cloaking tool, or you can link directly to the sales page without showing your affiliate link. How do you get credit? Here’s a little trick – you use an image tag to cookie your readers before they leave your site. In addition to your call to action link, you want to make sure you’re linking on related words and phrases. Hyperlinked words that are in the content of your presell actually get more clicks than anything else. They seem to be more natural to readers.Using this system, you’re virtually guaranteed to increase your affiliate business success.I would be lax in my duty if I didn’t point out the negative side of this. While not terribly difficult, this process can be quite daunting for some. If you have trouble writing great articles, this can seem like an impossible task. You can out-source this to a freelancer, but I suggest you try to do it yourself first. As for the technical side of things, this too is rather easy. To use covert cookies for tracking just make a 1 pixel X 1 pixel image with no border and make the “source” of the image your affiliate link. Of course, if you do this wrong, you will not get paid, so you might want to get outside help. Still, you do need to learn how to do this for yourself.Now you know what it takes to Presell like a pro. Putting these techniques to work will increase your affiliate sales significantly. So, start now and develop preselling content for all your affiliate promotions. Take action now. Make the extra effort required to propel your affiliate business to the next level.