Small Business Tips: How To Get Media Coverage

One of the great challenges of being a small business owner is to get noticed in a very crowded marketplace. Getting your name out in front of the pack is one of the key arts that once mastered, will enable your business to grow exponentially. Press releases and media coverage is one of the best ways for your business to get noticed.But the important questions is… how do you get media coverage.What most small business owners don’t realise is that it is quite easy to get media coverage if you have a story that will help the media sell their business which is the news and entertainment. Many years ago I started collecting the fuel prices in our local area and released a press release each day stating what was the highest and lowest prices available.After the first two press releases, one of Townsville’s premiere radio stations and a television station picked up our story and gave us free media coverage on what we were doing. This gave me the opportunity to tell my story and to share what was happening in the local fuel prices. So how did this help our business, well every time I did the story I would make sure I wore my company shirt with our logo plastered all over it and website. This allowed us to associate the story with my company. Over the 2 years we did this we doubled our business so it does certainly work.The key issue that you need to know about the media is that they are always looking for people to tell an interesting story and if you have an interesting story then you need to share your story with the local media. It doesn’t matter whether you work in a small town or a major capital city, the way you do it is always the same… you have to have a story worthy of the news.I was recently working with a new Kebab shop and we were looking for new ideas about how to sell his business to the local community and to gain maximum exposure. When I first spoke with the owners, I asked them what were their Unique Selling Point. At the time they didn’t have one, so we developed one. It ended up that we developed a brand new product which was the Worlds Hottest Kebab!Now if you are going to have a USP like this, then the media will want to know about it. Making a claim like this is something they will investigate, So I worked with him on developing a media release and strategy to get media coverage.The owner of this shop now has a lot of opportunities to use the USP to get media coverage by promoting to the media fun events such as running the worlds hottest kebab eating competition or crowning the man or woman who has eaten the most of the hottest kebabs as King.The key lessons you need to learn in getting media coverage is this:1. Don’t be afraid to send out a media release on anything unique happening in your business2. Build a relationship with your local media on the things you do3. If something else is happening in the media, share your thoughts and comments with them4. Never be afraid of media coverage, the more people who hear about your business the more that are likely to buy from you.5. Never send out a media release simply selling a product. However if you are launching a brand new product that will change the world then this is something that the media will want to know about.